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Event Technology

Video Capability

IEG's video capabilities are second to none in the industry. Our staff of video experts will work with you to assure you have the best visual solution available for your specific event.

Some of our video services include:

  • High Definition Video Systems
  • Wide Screen and Super Widescreen Systems
  • Editing Systems
  • LED Walls
  • Plasma & LCD Flat Panel Displays
  • Teleprompting
  • Video Projection
  • Audience Response Systems

Audio Capability

IEG's audio group knows what it takes to create a great sounding event. Our team of audio experts, armed with the latest tools on the market, will assure you the best possible sound whether your event fills an entire stadium or a small breakout room.

A few examples of our audio options include:

  • Line Array Speaker Systems
  • Digital and Analog Consoles
  • Wireless Communications
  • Microphones
  • Processing/FX

Lighting Capability

IEG's lighting group has an impressive array of inventory to handle the illumination needs for your event. Our lighting team can recommend various methods of lighting effects for your presentation to create that visual "wow" effect that will make all the difference to the audience.

Some of our lighting systems include:

  • Moving Lights
  • Digital Lighting and Media Servers
  • Conventional Lighting
  • Lighting Consoles
  • LED Fixtures
  • Truss, Motors & Rigging

Virtual Meeting Solutions

The nature of the meeting landscape is changing and it is becoming more important to offer attendees some alternatives for times when they are not able to travel to the event. As part of our "Convene with Green" initiative, Integrated Event Group has developed innovative, high-quality meeting solutions to accommodate the need for a new, virtual meeting environment.

IEG now offers several options to meet the demand for flexible, secure technical solutions to stream and broadcast live events anywhere, anytime and to anyone, with minimal planning and setup time. IEG has carefully developed these processes for our clients in order to offer maximum choices to accommodate their various meeting needs.

Please call us to help you "convene with green" on your next event!

Our solutions include:

HD Meeting Videoconferencing - Using state-of-the-art high definition videoconferencing equipment, IEG can provide a point-to-point solution to hold an interactive meeting from multiple locations across the world. This solution offers planners the ability to broadcast graphics and presenters simultaneously on both ends of the videoconference. This two-way communication technique offers high definition quality, and is highly configurable for the user.

HD/SD Streaming Package - IEG has developed a streaming solution to broadcast an event to an unlimited number of participants, using a venue-provided LAN connection. While IEG's videoconferencing solution (above) offers interactivity on both ends as a point-to-point option, this solution is designed for broadcasting one event from a central location, for viewing by anyone in any location, and can output the signal for a variety of applications - such as for viewing on a web site, mobile phone, or for archiving. IEG can provide CDN services for your event or connect to the CDN of your choice.

Mobile Satellite Webcasting Solution - IEG's mobile SAT solution is designed for complete flexibility - offering a mobile package for live streaming of an event from anywhere to anyone with internet access, without the limitation of a venue-provided connection. IEG can offer an integrated package that includes high-quality streaming along with high definition video, as well as audio and lighting solutions. IEG's technology can also include a customizable registration screen, that can be branded to the meeting, to offer a secure solution to authenticate the attendees of your meeting.

The team at Integrated Event Group has carefully developed these processes for our clients in order to offer maximum choices to accommodate their various meeting needs. In addition, we have tested these technologies to ensure that we are offering our clients high-quality, highly secure, and successful solutions. Please call us to quote your next event and assist you with "convening with green."